Smart E2 Solutions provides a variety of smart technology solutions with energy, economic, and environment benefits. The focus now is on managing waste and transforming non-recyclable waste into valuable electrical and thermal energy and readily usable fuels.

Priorities for implementing energy and environment solutions:

•Conservation first:

oReview and reduce energy usage based on real needs

oInstall efficient electrical, mechanical, and lighting equipment

oBuild energy efficient, south-facing, and passive solar designs (LEED)

oReduce, reuse, recover, recycle

•Solutions second, in order of return on investment:

oAutomated, remote monitoring, and controlling systems

oWaste transformation to energy and fuel systems

oInstall solar hot water, which is about 20% of electric use

oMicro-hydro system, if you have running water

oWind electric, if you have wind

oSolar electric, is the most mature with the most incentives

Smart Energy and Environment Solutions

For Efficiency and Economics


Smart E2 Solutions